• Nissan Rogue, my car review

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    If you’re looking for a comfortable, economy crossover, with an upscale interior, that’s also unusually fun to drive the Nissan Rogue is a strong contender pricing starts around $22000 for a base front wheel drive as models, and topped out around 30 for an all wheel drive fully loaded esteem models. This heavily option SP model costs around 29 grams.

    Nissan RogueThe road drives more like a small quicker car than a crossover SUV it rides smoothly and feels capable and sporty. Won’t be bothered by small road imperfections in the cabin but you will hear the transmissions unknowingly fuzzy drowned when accelerating. Like many compact crossovers the road only comes with a 4 cylinder. Acceleration is adequate in most at. Unless you regularly drive. You won’t miss. Fuel economy is similar to the comp. The EPA estimates a front wheel driver 23 MPG 28 highway. The all wheel drive version comes in a little below that at 22 city 26 high. A 4 come While competitors like the Honda CRV. The thing This cabinet is a much. I Cheerios are remarkably high. For about. And we find the front seats very come. Unfortunately the rogue’s rear seat isn’t the roomie est and it doesn’t recline which can be an issue for small families needing to install carseat. The rogues electronics are fairly intuitive to use.

    Though the head unit’s knobs feel little flimsy the software is undemanding and easy to learn. The curvaceous exterior styling, also limits rear visibility and maximum cargo come. Which is below average at 57.9 cubic feet. In government crash testing the rogue earned 4 out of 5 stars for frontal impact for. Action and 5 stars for side impact. If maximum cargo space and rear seat functionality aren’t critical for you the rogue is definitely worth a look. We’re fans of its distinctive exterior styling high quality interior and fun driving experience. However in addition to the CRV and the rap for you should also check out the new Mazda C ex 5 and the Ford escape. For more information on the Nissan rogue Headlights and its rivals go to

  • How to Choose the Correct KYB Shock Absorber or Strut

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    KYB Shock AbsorberHow do you choose the right Shock Absorber struck for your vehicle. That’s a pretty good question I’ll help you with the answer but first you should tell me how you want that vehicle to perform and how you’re going to use it. I’m mac were at the KYB garage and I’ll help you make a simple choice. First of all it should never be a question of quality good better best. KYb only manufactures the very highest quality you should never choose any less.

    Really it’s a matter of choosing performance in KYB makes that choice simple 2 by asking you to restore or more. Do you drive your vehicle normally and want to restore its originally designed capabilities or do you want something more if your answer was I drive it normally I want to restore that vehicles originally designed capabilities the answer is G. R. 2 as a Shock Absorber struck. Sometimes we call it in exile Jean it’s black but it’s exactly the same part.

    If you answered I need or I want something more. I’ve got a light truck SUV pulled a trailer do some heavier work with that and I need more performance been the right choice is the monotube gas adjust. If your vehicle came with a monotube from the factory the gas a justice of right replacement monotube for your vehicle now if you have a truck Shock Absorber Kyb why be also makes available a truck heavy duty monotube called model Max when you need the very most And if you want to dial a ride your sports enthusiast and want to choose how your vehicle rides Thursday GX.

    A real quick review now because it’s very simple you want to restore your vehicle’s performance to the original design choose the G. R. to. If you wanna upgrade performance have a light Shock Absorber truck SUV hall some load your trailering choose gas adjust. If your vehicle came with the monotube this is also the right monotube replacement unit and for many vehicles K. YB makes a model Max when you need the very most for your truck. Dial a ride the right answers a GX.

  • How to reduce the danger of aquaplaning

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    car aquaplaningAccording to the motorists, three main threats of the summer season are: the dangerous overtakings, not keeping the distance between the vehicles and aquaplaning. During the sudden thunderstorm, the danger of aquaplaning increases significantly. You can reduce it by installing the good tires on your car. However, the decisive factor in case of aquaplaning is a cold-blooded and appropriate driver’s reaction.

    In the rain, the roughness and gauges on the road fill up with water. It is not always possible to avoid them, especially when overtaking, even if you try hard. The qualitative summer tires reduce the danger of aquaplaning, but they can’t entirely eliminate this risk when driving at high speed in a downpour. Don’t forget to use qualitative 2013 Toyota Highlander headlights for safe driving.

    In the heavy rain, the best way to prevent aquaplaning is to reduce the speed so that the grooves on the tire thread manage to pump the water from the tire contact patch with the road.
    The low pressure increases the danger of aquaplaning, worsens the tire maneuverability and reduces its service life. With the maximum car load, it is recommended to increase the level of tire pressure by 10-15%.

  • Seat covers of car.

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    It must be remembered that the decision on the choice of clothes for car seats must meet their intended purpose. An important role is played here by car brand, for various cars sew covers suitable for the shape and overall design of the seats.

    Seat covers of carIf a person has one goal – to protect the upholstery of seats from wear and tear, the best solution for him would be the choice of models of classic style and color scheme. The main focus should be directed on the density of the material, welds quality and compliance with the parameters of the finished product of the add-on seat.

    If the driver is suffering from back pain and still often forced to stay on the road, then it is desirable to pay attention to the so-called anatomical cases.

    Drivers who prefer to strongly emphasize his style, it is best to choose design covers, sewn to order. Such models are usually made of high quality materials, fully satisfying the consumer and aesthetic requirements of car owners.

  • Wheels of Mercedes

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    Wheels of MercedesDecent car needs a decent auto parts, so we offer only genuine Mercedes wheels. This car not only underlines the taste of its owner, but also shows its status, so it is important to treat your purchase with due care. The original Mercedes wheels are a proof of your identity and car collateral security for your family. These discs adequately respond to all the charges to the requirements optimally combining elasticity and durability, allowing them to put out without breaking blow, and to exercise the utmost resistance to the appearance of the scratches outside.

    Mercedes wheels with dignity is maintained even the test in excess of load capacity in 1.5 times.
    With almost a century of history, the company Mercedes is not just known all over the world – now the name of the company associated with quality, reliability, comfort. Cars Mercedes are the carriers of high status, so the auto parts and accessories for them can’t be cheap priori.

  • Determine the correct xenon for your car

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    Xenon headlamps have became a favorite source of light in many vehicles. They are given preference for bright illumination of the road, durability and relatively low cost of consumables.
    It should be noted that the installation of xenon lamps must be provided with the technical features of your car. For proper operation of headlights installation of the corrector and the washer is required. Otherwise you risk to create an emergency situation on the road, blinding oncoming drivers by unadjusted light.

    xenon headlight

    In order to choose the right xenon lamp, it is necessary to determine a suitable base and the desired color temperature.

    Lamp base is directly dependent on its localization in the vehicle (light head lamp, fog, etc.) and the vehicle manufacturer. To determine the appropriate base, you can explore the user manual of your car, or directly the nominal lamp you want to replace. As for the color temperature, then here everything is much simpler: the different temperature gives a different color and therefore different performance under different weather conditions.

  • Microcomputer Tesla S

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    One of the main features of ultra-electric car Tesla S is its huge touchscreen. It displays all the basic information about the car, and is also used to control most of the cars systems. With it, you can lock the door, change the temperature in the cabin, switch the suspension modes and so on.

    Microcomputer Tesla S

    Tesla S-board computer is based on the Linux operating system. Car owner can easily create your own profile, and the car is required to memorize all the settings.

    The most important thing is to ensure the car by Internet In Europe and the United States, where the “Tesla” is officially on sale, this is no problem, because the machine is installed with SIM-card with free Internet, running from Estonia to Portugal. Independently replace “SIM card” is not possible, because it is hidden deep in the computer.

    The display is divided into two parts, allowing the driver to keep open navigation and some interesting comedy viewing online.

    The navigation system from Google, but it works only with an Internet connection.

  • Auto sound: what does music consist of?

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    Auto sound: what does music consist of?

    Most motorists prefer to move to the music under the quiet purr of radio, but there are also great lovers of pure and high-quality sound. What it is necessary to install in the machine to avoid silence during the driving?

    auto sound

    You would think that you need only receiver and two speakers for music in the car, the main thing that the play as loud as possible. Volume and power are not the most important indicators. Much more important is the quality of the speakers and their number. It is desirable to have at least one sub-woofer which would reproduce bass. Well, if you decide to establish a good speaker, you can’t do it without an external amplifier. Car audio just will not be able to pump all the speakers independently.

    Most chassis type of automotive acoustics is coax one. The speakers are usually mounted in regular places in the back of the car. In this arrangement, one woofer is connected with the three high frequency ones.