Auto sound: what does music consist of?

Most motorists prefer to move to the music under the quiet purr of radio, but there are also great lovers of pure and high-quality sound. What it is necessary to install in the machine to avoid silence during the driving?

auto sound

You would think that you need only receiver and two speakers for music in the car, the main thing that the play as loud as possible. Volume and power are not the most important indicators. Much more important is the quality of the speakers and their number. It is desirable to have at least one sub-woofer which would reproduce bass. Well, if you decide to establish a good speaker, you can’t do it without an external amplifier. Car audio just will not be able to pump all the speakers independently.

Most chassis type of automotive acoustics is coax one. The speakers are usually mounted in regular places in the back of the car. In this arrangement, one woofer is connected with the three high frequency ones.