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  • Nissan Rogue, my car review

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    If you’re looking for a comfortable, economy crossover, with an upscale interior, that’s also unusually fun to drive the Nissan Rogue is a strong contender pricing starts around $22000 for a base front wheel drive as models, and topped out around 30 for an all wheel drive fully loaded esteem models. This heavily option SP model costs around 29 grams.

    Nissan RogueThe road drives more like a small quicker car than a crossover SUV it rides smoothly and feels capable and sporty. Won’t be bothered by small road imperfections in the cabin but you will hear the transmissions unknowingly fuzzy drowned when accelerating. Like many compact crossovers the road only comes with a 4 cylinder. Acceleration is adequate in most at. Unless you regularly drive. You won’t miss. Fuel economy is similar to the comp. The EPA estimates a front wheel driver 23 MPG 28 highway. The all wheel drive version comes in a little below that at 22 city 26 high. A 4 come While competitors like the Honda CRV. The thing This cabinet is a much. I Cheerios are remarkably high. For about. And we find the front seats very come. Unfortunately the rogue’s rear seat isn’t the roomie est and it doesn’t recline which can be an issue for small families needing to install carseat. The rogues electronics are fairly intuitive to use.

    Though the head unit’s knobs feel little flimsy the software is undemanding and easy to learn. The curvaceous exterior styling, also limits rear visibility and maximum cargo come. Which is below average at 57.9 cubic feet. In government crash testing the rogue earned 4 out of 5 stars for frontal impact for. Action and 5 stars for side impact. If maximum cargo space and rear seat functionality aren’t critical for you the rogue is definitely worth a look. We’re fans of its distinctive exterior styling high quality interior and fun driving experience. However in addition to the CRV and the rap for you should also check out the new Mazda C ex 5 and the Ford escape. For more information on the Nissan rogue Headlights and its rivals go to http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-rogue/headlights.html.

  • How to reduce the danger of aquaplaning

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    car aquaplaningAccording to the motorists, three main threats of the summer season are: the dangerous overtakings, not keeping the distance between the vehicles and aquaplaning. During the sudden thunderstorm, the danger of aquaplaning increases significantly. You can reduce it by installing the good tires on your car. However, the decisive factor in case of aquaplaning is a cold-blooded and appropriate driver’s reaction.

    In the rain, the roughness and gauges on the road fill up with water. It is not always possible to avoid them, especially when overtaking, even if you try hard. The qualitative summer tires reduce the danger of aquaplaning, but they can’t entirely eliminate this risk when driving at high speed in a downpour. Don’t forget to use qualitative 2013 Toyota Highlander headlights for safe driving.

    In the heavy rain, the best way to prevent aquaplaning is to reduce the speed so that the grooves on the tire thread manage to pump the water from the tire contact patch with the road.
    The low pressure increases the danger of aquaplaning, worsens the tire maneuverability and reduces its service life. With the maximum car load, it is recommended to increase the level of tire pressure by 10-15%.