One of the main features of ultra-electric car Tesla S is its huge touchscreen. It displays all the basic information about the car, and is also used to control most of the cars systems. With it, you can lock the door, change the temperature in the cabin, switch the suspension modes and so on.

Microcomputer Tesla S

Tesla S-board computer is based on the Linux operating system. Car owner can easily create your own profile, and the car is required to memorize all the settings.

The most important thing is to ensure the car by Internet In Europe and the United States, where the “Tesla” is officially on sale, this is no problem, because the machine is installed with SIM-card with free Internet, running from Estonia to Portugal. Independently replace “SIM card” is not possible, because it is hidden deep in the computer.

The display is divided into two parts, allowing the driver to keep open navigation and some interesting comedy viewing online.

The navigation system from Google, but it works only with an Internet connection.