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  • Determine the correct xenon for your car

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    Xenon headlamps have became a favorite source of light in many vehicles. They are given preference for bright illumination of the road, durability and relatively low cost of consumables.
    It should be noted that the installation of xenon lamps must be provided with the technical features of your car. For proper operation of headlights installation of the corrector and the washer is required. Otherwise you risk to create an emergency situation on the road, blinding oncoming drivers by unadjusted light.

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    In order to choose the right xenon lamp, it is necessary to determine a suitable base and the desired color temperature.

    Lamp base is directly dependent on its localization in the vehicle (light head lamp, fog, etc.) and the vehicle manufacturer. To determine the appropriate base, you can explore the user manual of your car, or directly the nominal lamp you want to replace. As for the color temperature, then here everything is much simpler: the different temperature gives a different color and therefore different performance under different weather conditions.