Wheels of MercedesDecent car needs a decent auto parts, so we offer only genuine Mercedes wheels. This car not only underlines the taste of its owner, but also shows its status, so it is important to treat your purchase with due care. The original Mercedes wheels are a proof of your identity and car collateral security for your family. These discs adequately respond to all the charges to the requirements optimally combining elasticity and durability, allowing them to put out without breaking blow, and to exercise the utmost resistance to the appearance of the scratches outside.

Mercedes wheels with dignity is maintained even the test in excess of load capacity in 1.5 times.
With almost a century of history, the company Mercedes is not just known all over the world – now the name of the company associated with quality, reliability, comfort. Cars Mercedes are the carriers of high status, so the auto parts and accessories for them can’t be cheap priori.